Google AR, Peloton pullback + David Friedberg: Cana, the first molecular beverage printer | E1365


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David Friedberg joins to discuss The Production Board's latest company, Cana, which is making the world's first molecular beverage printer. But first Jason and Molly break down some news. Google is reportedly working on an AR headset (2:15) and Peloton trying to improve their bottom line by raising prices and reportedly halting production and trimming headcount (18:54). Then, David joins to chat about how his company Cana could totally remake the beverage industry with a device reminiscent of Star Trek's Replicator (36:57). You will learn: 1. How humans perceive taste. 2. How The Production Board incubates deep tech companies and evaluates if science is ready to be commercialized. 3. The way the Cana device will be able to recreate any beverage on demand. 4. Which types of beverages will be practical first. Check out Cana:

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