Case File 200 Call-In Extravaganza with The Discord News Team


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It's finally here! The big one: Episode 200! We have a bunch of former guests and listeners call in for what's possibly the longest episode in Thought Cops history! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, listened, and supported us throughout the years!

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Field Notes

When we set out to start doing this podcast a little over four years ago, we never thought we'd have such an amazing community of people that supported us and our work. So the episode is our way of showcasing that! Big thanks for the Discord News Team, the discordians, all the deputies everywhere, the patrons, all of our past guests, and anybody who listens to or follows us. Hopefully the best is still yet to come, 2020 was rough for everybody but big things are in store for 2021. Not much else to say about this one, it's nearly 3 hours worth of two minuteses of hate and keys to the cities from a number of different community voices, so it speaks for itself! Thanks so much, everyone!

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