2017 - Power Trip "Nightmare Logic", Spider-Man Homecoming, Wrestlemania 33 with Merlin Alderslade


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Host Rick Jimenez is joined by Metal Hammer magazine editor and podcast host and love of everything geeky, Merl Alderslade to discuss the extreme highs and lows of 2017. THRASHER pick is the modern classic heavy music genre spanning album “Nightmare Logic” by Power Trip. SLASHER pick is a dive into the marvel cinematic universe with Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Road To Wrestlemania ends at a live viewing by both of us in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33. Take the tube while drinking. tube of caffeine for this weeks episode of Thrashers, Slashers And The Road To Wrestlemania. Stream on applepodcast, Spotify, SoundCloud and GooglePod Presented by the Stiff Shots Podcast Network @stiffshotspod This weeks sponsor is The Thrash Report @thrashreport A music commentary podcast where metal nerds talk about thrash and heavy music. As well as Meep Meep, the podcast that explores the history of Roadrunner Records every Wednesday. @meepmeeppod on Instagram.

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