Thrive After Postpartum


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Thrive After Postpartum is hosted by Danielle Jernigan, postpartum empowerment coach. Danielle experienced postpartum depression and anxiety so severe she thought she would lose her mind. Standard strategies didn’t cure the problem, so she sought and found answers outside of normal treatment. During her search she added a certification in perinatal mood disorders to her training in medicine, positive psychology, health coaching and gained real life experience working as a postpartum doula. Now on this show Danielle shares guidance, strategies and knowledge gained from these experiences. Thrive After Postpartum will feature live on-air coaching sessions to inspire listeners to use their inner power to reclaim their body and mind, reinvent their identity and thrive well. Episodes will discuss how to raise energy and confidence, find your unique mom style and make time for yourself to thrive well after postpartum. Central to this show is a discussion around cultural factors and stereotypes that contribute to higher rates of postpartum mood disorder symptoms in black women.

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