S2E36. A Whole Health Approach to Menopause with Claire Snowden Darling


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Welcome 1.32

Claire shares how a very traumatic birth with her daughter put her into depression, postpartum psychosis and ultimately chronic fatigue. After a long period of being dismissed by doctors she was finally diagnosed with early menopause. 5.01

How common it is for women to be dismissed and although there are many passionate GPs out there certain regulations that they have to adhere to. In fact, there's a lot of information they are not allowed to give you. So ultimately, women are left in the dark. 7.31

Why when women go into menopause depleted, overstressed, exhausted and a bit burnt out. We haven't got the bandwidth to cope with the hormonal changes of perimenopause. 7.44

Why the real power comes from admitting that our bodies work differently and we can't just carry on like that. 10.57

Stressors are not just our behavior but also our environment is stressful. the electromagnetic radiation, toiletries and cosmetics that contain endocrine disruptor chemicals that overwhelm our system 14.35

How informed choice about diet can make a huge change to our symptoms 18.06

The triangle of hormonal health.The importance of the interplay between our female hormones, our sex hormones, our stress hormones, and our blood sugar hormones. 24.00

Why perimenopause is beautiful for this is this really being, it gives us the opportunity to focus on ourselves, maybe for the first time in decades, because we have to. 29.52

When we have a mindful menopause, really go through it consciously we tune into our body's innate wisdom that we then end up the fittest wise women. 35.28

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