S2E38. The Freedom to Be You with Azmina Jiwa, Personal Life Coach


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Welcome 1.32

Why a culture where you are brought up to please and serve others can mean we don't prioritize our own self-care, or develop our own self-esteem and confidence. 5.02

As we go into middle life many of us can feel that while things seem OK on the surface we living almost like a robot, doing things that we have to do and pushing down your emotions 7.32

How a Zest for Life workshop triggered the process of peeling layers that have been put on Azmina by her community, society, parents and maybe even teachers to help her find her true potential 12.57

Why it is because of fear that we don't connect and we're not able to speak our mind and our truth. 15.37

Azmina shares her 5 keys for Freedom to be YOU. 26.04

  • Think differently
  • Practice self-acceptance
  • Overcome your fears
  • Take responsibility
  • Live a balanced life

Connect with Azmina HERE to learn how you can be empowered to be fearless, visible, and vibrant.

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