S2E40. Struggling with Urinary Incontinence but Despairing With the Choice of Products?


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Welcome 1.32

Bringing innovation design, and fashion to an area where millions are suffering in silence even if 1 in 3 women are struggling with urinary incontinence 2.01

Many different brands are stuck in the stereotype of what a woman in her 50s is like and therefore create products that don’t resonate and are not aspirational at all 3.36

Instead of incontinence, Aubrey says, we wanted to brand our products under that whole category of femcare 8.42

The first product is a high waisted brief that's really flattering. That you cannot see it under those leggings. 12.01

Great feedback from the trials ‘I forget I’m wearing them and am not embarrassed for my partner to see them’15.56

The products have a customer Advisory Board of women that they are a part of the process to develop the identity, the colors, the packaging 20.15

Aubrey sees Hazel as an opportunity to change that conversation and to really break the kind of stereotype and taboo associated with incontinence 26.31

Get in touch with HAZEL HERE and get into their waitlist for the product launch in September

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