EP 144: Special Guest Chris Trew (Father of Air Sex!)


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Special guest Chris Trew is a comedy person based in New Orleans, where he helped “start a comedy scene from scratch” (Vulture). He's performed in over 60 comedy and music festivals across North America and has been seen on NBA.com, Comedy Central, and GQ Magazine. Oh, and he's the father of the internationally known Air Sex Competition! We will ask Chris Trew super provocative questions about the state of comedy in 2021. His possible return to the Air Sex World Tour after being cut short in 2020 due to the Pandemic. Will there be an improv surge post-pandemic? We dive into his passion for HGTV and Pro Wrestling; sometimes, the two cross over, right? Also, he discusses that time Howard Stern eliminated him from America's Got Talent for being too sexually explicit. WTF??

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