Media Is PANICKING As Riots Backfire On Democrats, Fake News Claims Trump WANTED Antifa To Riot


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Now that leftist media has no choice but admits the there have been ongoing violent riots for months their only move is to blame Trump.
Media outlets and journalists are trying to claim that Trump wanted the chaos and conflict so that he could appear to be strong on crime. In reality Trump didn't even react until the 39th day of rioting in Portland and on top of that Federal law enforcement is not even operating outside their jurisdiction.
Democrats are trapped downstream from culture so they claim its not happening, support the protesters, or even join in like Mayor Ted Wheeler did in Portland.
All this backfires on Democrats who look insane for joining in on the chaos so the only move left for the media is to say "oh yea?? But Trump WANTED this to happen!"
Of course that is a complete lie.

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