Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump


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Across the US regular people are rising up to resist the far left surge.
A soccer player refusing to kneel, Back The Blue protests, and counter protests to far left events have all started popping up.
IN some places people who are not even overtly political have been defending statues and refusing to back down to far left demands.
Yet strangely Democrats from all different jurisdictions seem to back the far left on every issue. They insult the right wing protests, insult the regular folk demanding law and order, and push the far leftist narrative.
This could be bad news for Democrats if the surge in far left absurdity lights up areas of the country that normally don't vote. This is what helped Trump win in 2016 and could win it for him again in 2020
Once side says defund the police the other side says defend the police

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