Trump Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Implicating Hillary Clinton, Democrats In Fabricating Russia Gate Hoax


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The documents alleged that Hillary Clinton lied about Russian Collusion to distract the public from her email scandal.
Democrats and their allies now claim that Trump is selectively releasing documents in order to gain political advantages.
The argument is not without merit, it is October after all. But regardless if the reports are true then it suggests that Hillary Clinton may have either fabricated the whole hoax or at the very least the CIA and Obama knew that there were accusations of a fabricated hoax which would suggest Trump was NOT colluding with Russia.
So why launch the Russia probe if they knew it would fail?
The intelligence supposedly came from Russia which implies Russia wasn't colluding with trump, unless you want to believe that Russia was faking intel leaks to the CIA which is a bit out there.
Perhaps the Russia probe was just designed to sabotage Trump's presidency

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