043 - Improving Team Productivity with Nathan Gilmore


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“There’s a very big difference between being busy—getting little meaningless things done—versus making real progress toward your goals.”

How do you motivate your team and increase productivity?

It starts with stepping back from the to-do list and looking at what you want to accomplish as an organization, as a team, and—yes—even as individuals with lives outside the office.

In this episode of Time Limit, Brett and TeamGantt cofounder Nathan Gilmore talk about how to take a big-picture approach to productivity so you and your team can thrive in every aspect of life. Listen to their conversation to learn:

  • Simple strategies to increase productivity for yourself and you team
  • Why having a plan is an easy way to improve team productivity
  • The connection between goal-setting and team performance
  • How moving to a 4-day workweek impacted productivity at TeamGantt
  • How to recognize and handle productivity issues on your team
  • One thing that may be getting in the way of your team’s productivity

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