Lord Stuart Rose on being driven by ‘imposter syndrome’, the lessons he’s learned from five decades in retail and why Brexiteers will be 'sending me hate mail'


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In this new episode of your city or mine?, Julio meets Lord Stuart Rose, a prominent British businessman who has worked in retail since the 1970s when he joined Marks and Spencer as a management trainee and later became its CEO and Chairman. Stuart was also CEO of Argos and Booker PLC, and until recently was Chairman of Ocado. He is currently Chairman of EG Group, Zenith and MAF Retail and is a board member of Time Out Group PLC. Stuart tells Julio how his childhood in Tanzania in the 1950s and '60s made him a citizen of the world; how he’s driven by imposter syndrome; how he believes the UK will one day return to a future Europe; and why he knows cities will never stop being hubs of culture and social life.

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