Healing Power of Boundaries in the Parent/Adult Child Relationship


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Join us in this conversation looking at boundaries from the vantage of our own experiences as we transitioned into adulthood. We were sure to also remember the perspective of the parent. Right on time for the holiday season, this episode includes some of our thoughts about changes in traditions as well! Stop by our conversation for some encouragement and empathy because when it comes to navigating these boundaries, it can be a bumpy ride.
Many of us have experienced the difficult transition in the relationship between parent and adult child. This is the child who has now grown into adulthood; or at least is attempting to do that. Dynamics in that process can make it difficult to navigate the changes needed for a healthy relationship in this new way. We offer some tips and practical ideas about the ins and outs of learning to honor our parents while growing into adulthood. On the flip side, we offer a supportive perspective to parents who are having a hard time letting things change.
Whether you are a parent of an adult, a single adult, a married adult this episode has something in it for you to consider!
Maybe you will find a place to start a conversation with your family and with us too!! We welcome thoughts and feedback about your own experiences and how this resonates with you. Our hope is to help to bring families closer by encouraging mutual respect , communication, and flexibility.
Book Resources:
Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel
Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

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