Healing Power of Seeking Professional Support Alongside Spiritual Care


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Have you ever wondered "how do I know if/when I need to go see someone for my mental health? It is common to disregard symptoms or relational issues to the point they become unmanageable. In this episode we have a conversation about our answer to this question and various factors to consider if you find yourself needing more help. Seeking professional support for mental health is so helpful no matter what you find yourself struggling with and our hope is that this episode gives you some increased freedom to seek out the help your whole self needs! Consider with us how helpful it could be to have a trained and educated professional to help walk you or you and your family through difficulties that go beyond your normal coping strategies.



“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Christians with Depression” by Michelle Pearce PhD

“Integrative Psychotherapy: Toward a Comprehensive Christian Approach” by Mark McMinn and Clark Campbell

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