596 - 3 Questions to Get Started


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In this episode, we look at 3 simple questions to ask to find your first steps.


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The Problem

Personal development is difficult. We know that taking action consistently is the key to getting results, but there is so much to consider even before we get to the “taking action” part of things.

What should we even take action on? How do we turn our goals into action in the first place? What do we do when we get stuck?

Digging Deeper

Part of the reason this happens is because of how complex personal development has gotten. Between all of the books, apps, podcasts, facebook groups, email lists, blogs...etc that are out there this industry has gotten very loud.

Everyone has their own process and their own method for helping you create change and solve your problems. And while, on the surface, this might seem like a good thing, it ultimately leads to a lot of confusing advice that often contradicts each other.

The Solution

  1. Which area of your life needs the most support?
  2. What opportunities do you have?
  3. What can’t you do that you wish you could?

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