783 - How to Avoid Overwhelm


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"Thoughts on what would be considered a good/efficient number of things to work on for self improvement at one time. I have a lot of things that I want to work on to improve myself ranging from drinking more water daily to learning to become a better programmer. I also know that most of what I want to work on would be considered habits, which take time to become ingrained. In addition, the human brain can only handle so many things at once. I don't want to spread out my self improvement too long by only focusing on one change until it becomes habit, but I also don't want to tackle the world all at once and become disillusioned with everything (ala New Years Resolutions). Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?"


  • Start with 1 thing. It’s much easier to start that way than to worry about everything
  • Focus on improving your ability to improve (decision making, understanding, self-discipline)
  • As you improve one area of your life it will snowball into other areas
  • As you gain confidence in your ability to do what you say, it will become easier to take on harder and harder things


  • Pick one thing to improve right now
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