595 - Why Change is Inevitable


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In this episode, we look at why change is inevitable.

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The Problem

Many people are afraid of change. Whether or not that change is good or bad we tend to want to hold on to the things we know and have experience with. This is the same reason why people tend to be more willing to take action in order to move away from pain than they are to gain pleasure.

Your life might not be great right now, but you’ve come to terms with that. You’ve absorbed that idea into a part of your identity and so losing it becomes painful.

Digging Deeper

Of course, being afraid of change means that many of us stay exactly the same throughout our lives. We spend each and every day working hard just to be able to maintain what we have, never thinking about how we can gain.

When setting goals or pursuing something specific we often sabotage ourselves because the focus required to gain that thing MEANS being willing to sacrifice something else. Success requires sacrifice.

The pain of that sacrifice is felt more deeply than the pleasure of the success and so we limit our success to things that require as little sacrifice as possible.

But the truth is...whether we choose to sacrifice or not...change is inevitable.

“According to researchers, the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every seven years to 10 years, and some of our most important parts are revamped even more rapidly”

The Solution

The only way forward is to decide, right now, that YOU are going to have some say in the change that happens. Because remember, change is going to happen whether you like it or not. The most you can do is try to direct that change.

How do you do that? By actively trying to change. By forcing it to happen. By embracing the fear and pain and sacrifice head on, challenging it to a duel, and whooping its little booty like the conqueror that you are.

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