239 New Mexico High School Sports Cancelled and More


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On this week's episode Paul and Wally discuss the elections which are ongoing, but early voting which starts on Saturday, October 17. They discuss the latest on the shutdown, the fact that cases are growing despite lockdown. NM one of four states to cancel high school sports. Impacted students protested. Gov. Lujan Grisham didn't impose additional measures beyond the sports cancellation, but Wally and Paul explain what they think the Gov. will do later this week when she has her next press conference? The Great Barrington Declaration urges a more reasonable response to COVID-19. According to a liberal think tank, 39% of New Mexicans can't pay their regular bills.

Will Joe Biden pack the court if he's elected? The Amy Coney Barrett hearing gets rolling Paul discusses his recent KOB TV interview on contact tracing and lawsuit the company working here in NM has had in Texas. MLG receives a C on fiscal policy from Cato Institute. ABQ Mayor Keller wants to eliminate City golf courses as an enterprise fund in order to hide the subsidies. Paul discusses. Finally, the Mayor's proposed budget includes a 5.5% increase for trash pickup. This is driven by a poorly-considered recycling program. Paul discusses.

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