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Alan and Tyler talk about making travel feel important and worlds feel big in Dungeons and Dragons without gratuitous unplayable DM monologuing--or worse, accidentally enticing your players off on a tangent that has nothing to do with anything.

The TL;DMs also talk about playable races, the power level of certain racial traits, and why certain races get banned from play. They also get a little deeper into the races of Serranea specifically and why they're like that.

They both reveal some of the goofy one-shot ideas they have planned for the non-canonical side campaign. Alan also made his wife cry in the monster campaign--a recap of the story is available in the links below.

References in this episode:

One-Punch Man - Pretty funny show, and probably decent source material for character and monster creation

Elves - Hated by basically every other race and monster in DnD, and in the Forgotten Realms specifically. What did that do? Tell us.

Final Monster Campaign Session Recap - Shout out to Kelley Greene, Alan's favorite player because she cares a lot and takes copious notes, which is a huge ego trip for him.

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