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After a long recording break (hooray for backlogging!) the TL;DMs return to talk about how and why to use variant and homebrew rules/mechanic systems in Dungeons & Dragons. Since it's been a while, they spend the first few minutes catching up on what's been going on in their games over the last few sessions--and realize that there have been more than a few big developments.

Then, it's off to the races with the pair discussing a topic that's been hot in the D&D online community recently: the Mearls Initiative variant. Tyler and Alan break down the pros and cons of the system and touch on Colville's Initiative version-- a variant of Mearls' variant. The rest of the episode continues with discussing other initiative options and solving a problem specific to the TL;DMs' game world: rests.

Of course, no custom rules conversation is complete without a foray into magic item creation.

What are your homebrew and variant rules? What custom magic items have you made? What are your thoughts on alternate initiative and rest systems for 5e?

Referenced in this episode:

Alan's new character, Rayk

Mike Mearls Initiative System

Matt Colville's thoughts on Initiative

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