tl;dm - Episode 22 - Making and Using Backstories


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In this episode, the tl;dm lads spend some time talking about setting mood and creating creepy situations as a DM, and the importance of shaking things up in getting a reaction from players in a Dungeons & Dragons adventure arc.

After a campaign diary update they move on to discuss character backstories. Whether overdone and lengthy to the point of near-uselessness or sparse enough to barely fill a paragraph, the lads discuss different approaches to creating flaws for characters and what makes flaws and backstory specifics so fun to discover and play with at the table. They go on to break down different ways to approach using characters backstories while running games (or not using them!) and what the ideal backstory looks like.

They also go on a tangent, shocking no one, to level some choice words at DC comics. Tyler also struggles to come up with a closing D&D -ism, which is an actual shock and a first for the podcast.

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