tl;dm - Episode 5


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The tl;DMs get into the depths of the lore of Tengri, a new source of DM jurisdiction overlap in both games. The DMs also talk 5e character creation and roleplaying characters--especially when the characters' wants and feelings may contradict the players'. They get in depth into systems for random encounters and what a random encounter should even mean.

Tyler and Alan also talk PC motivations, using time as a resource to create tension, party dynamics. They also talk about sources to draw idea from in the form of the Fantasy genre at large, where Alan may or may not have revealed his true feelings about Matt Colville. They also talk character flaws and tropes of the Medieval Fantasy setting, and how ability scores play into the development of character.

Links/References: Matt Colville - If you are into D&D, definitely check this guy out

Patrick Rothfuss - The Kingkiller Chronicles are an excellent fantasy series, unless you're Tyler

The Mistborn Trilogy - A series by Brandon Sanderson

Alan's Random Encounter System

Goblinist Encounter Generator - A great web tool for creating challenge appropriate combat scenarios

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