tl;dm - Episode 9


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Tyler and Alan welcome Jeff Murdoch, the player behind the mischievous Mark McGrath--perhaps the most alias-ridden character in Serranea.

The trio talk about the character relationships in Tyler's campaign and go a little in depth on what's been going on interpersonally during the adventure in the sewers of Fosstin. Since Mark is Jeff's first time playing a caster, they use Bard as a means to talk about some spells, and some mechanical elements to the drugs that Tyler introduced to the Shiran group.

Jeff also gets a chance to ask some questions about the world at large and the overarching narrative between the two campaigns. He's also curious about how much power a DM should be able to have over player characters and permanent consequences.

Matt Colville also comes up. Again. And Alan has absolutely no problem with him. The segment "Made Up or Pre-Planned?" also returns.

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