Episode 175: You Don’t Have to Give Birth to Be Postpartum with Rebecca Cariati


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In today’s episode, Jessie chats with Rebecca Cariati about her experience through birth, high-functioning depression, and her gender-affirming work.

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Show Notes

1:00 - WAITLIST: Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy (plus savings)!

2:58 - Introduction to today’s conversation and our special guest!

6:10 - Rebecca tells us her journey with her partner through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

15:00 - What did the money situation look like to become pregnant?

19:35 - What was Rebecca’s pregnancy like?

28:53 - What was Rebecca’s mindset going into birth? And what happened? (including thoughts on epidurals)

41:33 - What constitutes a “good” birth

43:00 - How did birthing the baby go for Rebecca?

48:23 - What were the first few months postpartum like?

51:10 - So what was the experience like for Rebecca with the postpartum and high-functioning depression?

53:34 - What was happening to Rebecca’s spouse at this time, and how were they coping?

59:17 - What is gender-affirming care?

1:02:00 - Tips on how to become a practitioner who does more gender-affirming care

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