How to Revive Furniture with Flaking Varnish | Ep. 101


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Touching up varnish isn’t easy. So, when it flakes and makes furniture look unsightly, that’s a problem.

You may be able to lightly sand the area and apply a new coat, but old varnish sometimes yellows, and the new varnish simply can’t match up.

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for the answer, along with more home improvement tips!

  • [1:30]: Tips for venting bathrooms to the outside
  • [6:01]: How to make a dumb-waiter with a garage door opener
  • [7:39]: Tips for removing wallpaper
  • [12:49]: Best New Product: Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool
  • [16:07]: The projects Danny is working on at his house
  • [18:46]: Tips for making laminate countertops look like granite
  • [20:10]: Simple Solution: Extension Cord Safety Tips
  • [23:08]: Question of the Week: What to do about flaking varnish
Simple Solutions

Quick Trick for Deodorizing Bathroom Sinks — Bathroom sinks often become clogged with soap scum and hair, which then produces a funky odor. Here’s how to re-freshen and deodorize the sink.

Start by dumping one-third cup of baking soda in the sink drain. Next, take one full cup of white vinegar and pour it down the drain. When it hits the baking soda, it’ll start to fizz.

Wait for a few minutes for the fizzing to calm down, then follow up with a full kettle of boiling water. This will, in combination with the vinegar and the baking soda, cut through anything that might be clogging up the sink.

Repeat this treatment once a month to keep the sink smelling sweet and flowing freely. And if you need to use a plunger to clear a clog, plug up the overflow hole on the side of the sink.

Extension Cord Safety Tip — Here’s an important safety tip to remember next time you use an extension cord: Always unplug the cord from the electrical outlet before winding it up.

That’s important because if the cord has a short or is damaged in any way, you can receive a potentially lethal electrical shock.

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