Tips to Rejuvenate Your Wood Floor | Ep. 102


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If you have wooden floors, at some point, you'll have scratches and scuffs and want nothing more than to rejuvenate them.

The causes are predictable — someone moves furniture without protective padding under the legs, high heels create holes, and pets' claws leave their marks — and the result is unsightly.

That's the situation that Jack, in Illinois, faces. His engineered hardwood flooring has lots of wear-and-tear, and he's used wood pencils, stain markers, putty, and sometimes polyurethane to keep it looking its best.

The repairs look great, at first, but they don't last very long. He's looking for best practices and lasting results.

If you're in the same situation, listen to the Today's Homeowner Podcast for tips about what to do.

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