Episode Eleven - Richard Moller, Tsavo Trust CEO


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Richard Moller is a born and bred Kenyan and is reputational for his hands on approach to wildlife conservation. He has held roles within Lewa Conservancy becoming the Chief Conservation Officer, worked with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust all culminating in 15 years of extensive experience in this field.
Richard then set up the Tsavo Trust ones of Tofauti's valued partners, and he holds a honorary wardens position with the Kenyan Wildlife Service.
Richard and Crista discuss the gritty truth of the Tsavo Conservation area where both of us share such passion, the super tuskers elephants with over 100 pound ivory on either side and human-wildlife conflict that so deeply affects all areas of conservation. The 10% fence plan is an initiative that our two organisations are piloting in a hope that together this can bring about lasting change for communities and wildlife on each others door steps.
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