Episode Seven - Paolo Parazzi, Africa Born Tourism expert


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Paolo, a third generation Kenyan, was brought up with conservation all around him in a quaint fishing village off the coast of Kenya. His mother, Nicky, driving Turtle Watch which has supported oceanic endeavour off the coastal parts of Kenya for as long as we can remember.
Paolo's insight is through the lenses of the tourism partners around the continent, offering adventure and experiences like no other through his co-owned operation 'Africa Born'.
There are not many people who have jobs that Crista is genuinely jealous of, but the sights and scenes that Paolo has witnessed and his recounts are some of the most beautiful to have blessed the earth.
The effects of the pandemic have understandably affected the tourism trade here on the continent, but Paolo's positive and willing attitude gives us all encouragement that once tourism returns, a lifetime will not be enough in order to capture it.
When travel is safe, please do come and visit us, it will be something to remember forever.
Inspiring positivity together.
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