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The Tofauti Pod Series teaser features Tofauti Founder, Crista Cullen MBE with renowned British Broadcaster, Clare Balding OBE. Tofauti means 'difference' in Swahili and was founded in England as a charity operating across the African continent.
Series coming early 2021.
Make sure you listen right to the end of this short episode for an entertaining impersonation that will guarantee a laugh. This teaser introduces the entire series where Crista interviews some leading figures in grass roots African conservation, as they get to grips with the layered and difficult task of preserving some of the most critically endangered species and habitats on the planet.
This is a podcast series for anyone who wants to make a difference in wildlife conservation and actively be part of the solution, no matter who you are or where you are.
“People drive change, and those who are closest to the front line understand it the best. The Tofauti Pod Series enables us to question, debate and discuss the various conservation methodologies. Listening to the specialists enables us to better understand the complexities, detail and effort that goes into helping wildlife species and communities alike. The discussions are direct, meaningful, and very real and I genuinely feel honoured to have been able to have been part of these discussions” – Crista Cullen MBE
Inspiring positivity together.
...Together we make Tofauti.

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