Tom's Tips Podcast: S4E3 - After Hours with MagHub: Mortal Kombat, Brendan Fraser, and Release 10.3


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Welcome back Jugheads! Today we are back with a new format, Tom's Tips Podcast: After Hours. To juggle family obligations, work tasks, and personal lives; host Tom Bellen and co-host Zach Gilbert decided it would be more entertaining for the listeners to record it in the evenings, with a nice beverage to keep them company.
Unfortunately, neither Tom nor Zach had a terrific drink, and this episode quickly went off the rails; however, you cannot say it's not enjoyable. Join Tom and Zach as they discuss MagHub Release 10.3 and upcoming 10.4, their April Fools' project, the new Adcellerant integration, and what's in the pipeline for MagHub.
Not to mention Tom and Zach's discussion about the Hollywood treasure, Brendan Fraser, and their thoughts on the new Mortal Kombat movie.

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