Too Much Test Podcast - Episode 6 - Tony Huge & Seth Jordan


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Too Much Test Podcast - Episode 6 - Tony Huge & Seth Jordan
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In this episode with speak with Tony Huge and Seth Jordan about a wide range of topics. We cover everything from IGF-1 and Insulin, To Crypto Currencies and Arachidonic Acid.
Big THANKS to Tony Huge and Seth Jordan for spending their time with us! They are truly friends of Freedom and the Too Much Test Podcast!!!
0:00 Intro
1:00 Govt Seized Tony's Website
2:35 Forced Jab
4:00 Tony's Coof Story
8:12 Post Jab Labwork
9:45 Tony's Current Gear Protocol
10:25 Tony's GH/Insulin Protocol
12:00 EA Slin Pills & Insulin Sensitivity
19:09 IGF-1 Levels
24:23 Gear, Less is more
26:30 Human Growth Hormone
28:21 S@rm Scheduling
34:18 Trenbologna Sandwiches
35:45 Cycle Experience Over Time
37:10 Teen Gear Exposure from Social Media
38:41 Our Next Research Experiments
56:39 Myostatin Inhibition
60:14 Future Bodybuilding Genetic Evolution & Stem Cells
66:43 Amazon Monopoly & Idiocracy
68:32 Tesla & Artifical Intelligence
70:31 Helium Crypto Decentralized Data Network
72:35 Artifical Intelligence & Stem Cells
74:57 Petides & Anti Cancer Meds
76:20 Monero XMR Untraceable Crypto Coin
77:16 Mainstream and Underground Health
80:16 Unhealthy Americans & Small Business Lockdowns
86:46 TYL Almost went down a health rabbit hole
88:36 Small Farms, Micro Nutrients, Curing Cancer
89:34 Arachidonic Acid & MGF
85:47 Outro
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