#16 How 'Name, Image, Likeness' is a Game Changer For Student Athletes


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College Tips - How 'Name, Image, Likeness' is a Game Changer For Student Athletes ft. Tessa Berger - Crimson Education Head of Athletics

Episode Summary

Crimson Education's Head of Athletics and former D1 athlete, Tessa, discusses the wide ranging impact of the recent 'Name, Image, Likeness' policy that allows student athletes to profit from their brand during college.
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[00:03:29] What is Name, Image, Likeness

[00:07:32] What you can do with Name, Image, Likness

[00:13:50] High school athletes and branding

[00:16:01] Possible changes to athlete pathways

[00:18:54] The impact for female athletes
[00:22:00] How Crimson Education supports student athletes

Quotes from this Episode:

"And I think a lot of brands have really recognized that as this isn't just about top talent, with massive followings signing with big companies. This is about, you know, your D3 athlete in Texas who's signed a contract with a local barber shop where they're getting exposure, and they get faded up twice a week, you know, it's for everybody, and everybody's going to be able to capitalize on it in their own way." [00:11:42]

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