#57 The CEO Of Revoteen Talks Connecting Teens To Opportunities


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The CEO Of Revoteen Talks Connecting Teens To Opportunities ft. Aditya Jain

Episode Summary

Aditya is 15 and started Revoteen to connect teens to opportunities. The platform has quickly grown to 3000 users with more joining every day.
We chat about how he got started, what's next for Revoteen and advice for students wanting to do the same.
Resources and links

[00:01:37] How Revoteen works

[00:04:51] Challenges of building an app

[00:13:40] Driving the growth of a new platform

[00:18:02] Managing a student organisation

[00:24:35] Communicating within a team
[00:26:18] The mindset shift of being a CEO

Quotes from this Episode:

"So we decided if we could come up with a platform, a networking platform where students can find opportunities that are tailored to them connect with students who share their passions, and like, highlight who they are holistically as a student and individual outside of school, that would be perfect." [00:03:26]
"So while communication is obviously important, I think the level of communication and like what you're communicating like specific tasks, specific deadlines, specific goals and action items, that's the most important thing." [00:24:36]

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