Our Guest Is Stuck In An ELEVATOR! Oh, and we're now on Slack...


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I was sooo looking forward to chatting to our next guest but he's stuck in an elevator!
All signs point to him being ok with help on the way but the episode will have to wait.
In the meantime, I'd love for you all to join the Top of the Class Slack community! There will be episode summaries, competition insights, college admission tips, networking opportunities and heaps more - I just sure hope this link works!
Top of the Class Slack Community or for Apple Podcast listeners, copy this! https://bit.ly/2XCcntU
If you haven't heard of Slack before, basically it's what heaps of companies use for their internal communications. Any issues joining? Email me at a.cork@crimsoneducation.org or Tweet me - https://twitter.com/TopoftheClassP1

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