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  • Plugging a 21 year old song that you still can't believe you wrote.
  • Musicians deserving royalties.
  • The secret fourth guest.
  • The rolling golden hills driving down the 101.
  • Knowing all the technical musical terms in Spanish but not knowing how to say "mop."
  • What would happen to the Cookie Monster if Big Bird was blue.
  • Whether or not the Topic Lords audience knows about the demo scene.
  • Whether or not Unreal by Future Crew is the same thing as Unreal Engine by Tim Sweeney.
  • Demo scenes and then demo parties.
  • Visiting Montreal and hiding in a high school gym for three days rather than seeing the amazing city with its amazing architecture.
  • Wanting to hold the Great American Demo Party.
  • Whether or not you should cover the ice when you hold a huge party in an ice rink.
  • Assembly 2010 mostly being a big LAN party with the demo scene folks tucked away in the corner.
  • The sun going down at 11 PM.
  • Boozembly 2010 taking place in the woods behind Assembly 2010.
  • Plugging a PC keyboard into your Mac and all the keys work perfectly in Schism Tracker.
  • Giving up on the Macintosh after decades because Mac hardware and MacOS are terrible now.
  • A laptop that is so broken that it shuts down every computer on the wifi network you try to connect it to.
  • Advertising the latest Macbook as having a physical escape key.
  • Running Ubuntu as an app on Windows.
  • The secret 16-color CGA mode if you plug in a composite monitor.
  • Modern nostalgia for the terrible four-color CGA palettes.
  • Storing an entire universe on a two-sided 360k floppy disk.
  • Landing on a planet and finding The Ancients and finding enough fuel to get to three stars over.
  • Stuffing The Ancients into your warp drive because there is no better fuel.
  • A project where you don't have to worry about bugfixes because if something breaks, the user just runs it again.
  • The thousands or millions of people out there who would give you money if they knew your product existed.
  • The market for Frog Fractions-themed N95 masks.
  • Making a live post to r/tipofmyjoystick asking for the identity of an educational space game during the podcast in hopes that someone replies before we finish recording.
  • Misremembering which band's drummer plays a snare drum and a tranceaphone.
  • A drum kit with tom toms so high that you have to jump up to reach them.
  • Two wildly different drum heads using the same resonation chamber.
  • Soundproofing a shed by adding 2500 pounds of sheet rock to the walls.
  • Converting sound pressure waves into heat.
  • Measuring the frequency response of these egg crates.
  • Putting squares on the walls having no effect on the sound of your saxophone escaping the room and annoying the people on the other side of the wall.
  • Walking right up to your wall and speaking and it sounding like you plugged your ears.
  • Placing yourself in a space by listening to reflections.
  • Spinning up the Periscope server on Fred Flintstone's frozen carcass so that you can Periscope yourself eating Fred Flintstone.
  • Making Fred Flintstone's frozen carcass lip-sync to WAP.
  • Who, exactly, needs to apologize for this topic.
  • Discovering that humans don't have a gizzard and really wanting a gizzard.
  • Whether or not a Twinkie is technically meat.
  • Texas Twinkies.
  • Wanting to eat 35,000 year old Mammoth meat but it turns into a smelly liquid when you thaw it.
  • Thousand year eggs not looking a day older than 150.
  • Which genres CD quality is and isn't good enough for.
  • Frequency-based MP3 audio being decoded into PCM so it can be sent out of a speaker, and then back into a frequency-based format by your cochlea so it can reach your brain.
  • The Magic Mushroom PC dot com.
  • Running at the DOS prompt.
  • Classical music having way too much dynamic range.
  • Riding the volume knob to not go deaf while listening to the William Tell Overture.
  • Visible color banding during dark scenes in a movie.
  • El Camino except it's Del like Del Taco.
  • What LinkedIn is for.

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