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  • Getting some emails in six weeks.
  • Tweeting about a book about olives and getting in touch with the author and starting a podcast about olives.
  • A dumb joke that you are taking very seriously.
  • Creating one podcast episode per olive cultivar.
  • Deciding that you'd rather work with people you like than talented people.
  • The hypothetical coworker who is sufficiently good at their job that you put up with the death of everyone who enters the room with them.
  • The origin of the 10x programmer myth.
  • Never having met a 10x programmer, but having met a 10x QA tester.
  • The 10x singer who sings at 10x the pitch of regular singers.
  • Noodling vs. deliberate, thoughtful creation.
  • Whether having rock stars in your rock band is worth all the trashed hotel rooms.
  • A language derived from Australian sailor slang.
  • Mouth grass.
  • Trying to express a technical idea without using technical vocabulary.
  • The correspondence between the simplicity of vocabulary and the speed of spoken language.
  • Leaving space for audience participation.
  • A language that isn't a big compost heap like English.
  • English 2, where every single word is a swear word.
  • Making an operating system because God told you to.
  • Making a new operating system to talk to God because you don't trust MS-DOS.
  • Whether talking to God has more or less stringent security requirements than a voting machine.
  • Which mental illnesses make you a better programmer.
  • Implementing Minesweeper in your new OS in case you get bored talking to God.
  • The TempleOS indie game scene.
  • The music video generator Jim is never going to make.
  • Reconciling how you feel about a mentally ill asshole.
  • Being very online and really into the N-word.
  • Everyone loving your forum posts about weird bespoke operating system but being less into your race war posts.
  • Art and technology paradropped in from an alternate timeline.
  • Outsider art suspension bridges.
  • A trash peninsula that no longer has any homeless encampments on it.
  • Building a castle out of shopping carts and reclaimed concrete.
  • The text adventure that they named the genre after.
  • Dad bringing home an Amiga 500 and playing Marble Madness with you.
  • Accidentally flood-filling the wrong place and getting really upset because you don't know about the undo button.
  • The cool kid with the advanced Amiga 500 who becomes progressively less cool over time because his dad refuses to get a new computer.
  • Seeing Doom and realizing that your beloved Amiga is done for, and Commodore going out of business later that year.
  • Telling journalists that you don't exist when they approach you for an interview.
  • Backing away from the ARG puzzle you're designing when you realize solving it would involve doxxing yourself.
  • Building rapport with games journalists, but taking so long to make your next game that they've left the industry.
  • The impossibility of building a fan following in video games after 2013.
  • Wearing a ratty fake mustache for your Problematic Jim alter ego.
  • Lying about how you made the horse talk.
  • Trying and failing to preserve the mystery by giving a fake mundane answer.
  • Finding value in a work while still being critical of it.
  • Becoming the avatar of embarrassing pop music.
  • Reclaiming "guilty pleasure" to mean something you enjoy by a problematic creator.
  • Society shaming you more for liking Fall Out Buy than liking a Polanski film.
  • What it would take to turn the average band into sex pests.
  • Soap opera production schedules.
  • Actors playing the same role for sixty years.
  • Not watching The Simpsons or South Park any more, but figuring that South Park must be holding up better because nobody is posting embarrassing clips of it on Twitter.
  • Your creative voice ossifying in the 90s and having to write in that voice for the rest of your life.
  • Remaining in the Garfield mines for the rest of your life when Garfield's legacy of shitposts is already secure.
  • Hoping that "goodbye" in Tok Pisin is a transliteration of "see you in hell."

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