SPECIAL - "Face to Face" - Ki Tisa / Exodus 30:11-34:35 - (Feat. Guiomar Pires + Susanna + Bethany)


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This week we have a special episode featuring 3 guests, Guiomar Pires and our old guests, Susanna & Bethany, joining Frank to discuss the portion of "Ki Tisa" (When you take), from Exodus 30:11-34:35. Guiomar, Susanna, Bethany and Frank were all part of a young adult gathering in Negev, Israel in 2019 called "Panim El Panim" (Face to Face) where a group of 15 nations gathered to seek the Lord "face to face" in Bedouin tents, like in Exodus 33:11 (part of this week's portion) where the Lord speaks to Moses "face to face, like a man speaks to his friend", and the Lord released encounters in profound ways that were also prophetically significant. In this episode we discuss face to face with God, the gathering and what God is doing prophetically in this generation.
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