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I wanted to update everyone about the latest news regarding Daryl.

The situation with Daryl’s liver has been deteriorating over the last couple weeks, which is the primary reason that he’s been in the hospital and not on the show. He had a procedure last week which we had hoped would buy him some time, but we received the news yesterday that there’s nothing more his doctors can do.

Daryl was transported home this afternoon to begin hospice care, and a nurse and home health aide will be with him regularly. Daryl’s mother has gotten permission to travel to the States to be with him and should arrive later in the week. His wife Shannon has been doing an incredible job throughout, and appreciates all the love and support he has received from this community over the years.

If you want to send him a letter, you can mail it to our office and I'll make sure it gets delivered. The address is 530 East Main Street, Suite 912, Richmond, VA, 23219.

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