Bayern do Bayern things against Atletico, Real Madrid forget how to defend for 45 minutes, and Frank Lampard continues to confuse: Champions League recap w/ Sam Tighe


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Taylor is joined by Sam Tighe (B/R and the Ranks FC podcast) to review as much of the action as possible from this week's Champions League games. We get into what Hansi Flick has unlocked at Bayern Munich, favorite Americans in Europe, doing keepy-uppies with Marcus Rashford, and the bonkers second half in Inter Milan v Borussia Monchengladbach. Plus, Sam tries desperately to say something nice about Frank Lampard. It's hilarious.

Personal note: Sam also said some very thoughtful and kind things about Daryl near the end of the episode. I didn't think it was right to add anything else, so if you're wondering why there was no sign off, it's because Sam ended the show about as perfectly as one could hope for. Credit to him.

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