Has the future of the USMNT ever looked as bright as it does right now? Plus, progeny overtaking legendary parents, the next jobs for Simeone and Zidane, and more listener questions w/ Ryan Bailey


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On today's episode, Ryan and Taylor get into "Project Big Picture" and the fallout over Manchester United, Liverpool, and the EFL Chairman doing some backroom planning. What was the idea, why was/is it necessary, and where do we go from here? After that, it's on to your listener questions...

1) If Diego Simeone were to leave Atletico Madrid, what club or national team would he have the best chance of success with, given their current squad?

2) Of the players whose parents were huge stars or legendary coaches, which ones have the best shot of matching the legend of their parents?

3) What are some other nations that have similarities to the USMNT right now? Specifically, national teams that have a handful of incredible young players, but are not known as soccer powers?

4) Has there ever been a time in which so many Americans were playing for top-flight European teams, and will that number continue to increase?

5) How do we define "journeyman" and who are some of our favorite examples?

6) Will Zidane be the next manager for France?

7) What are some of Ryan's favorite insider moments from being a fan of AFC Wimbledon?

8) What is one thing that is pretty minor that infuriates you when watching a football game?


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