How to play with a false 9, a guide to the “Manchester City zone”, advantages of a a box midfield, and many more tactical listener questions


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Joe Lowery is joined by Jordan Angeli to answer all of your tactical listener questions!

3:52 - What is a false nine, how was it popularized, and how do you play with one?

10:51 - What makes it a double pivot?

18:59 - What happens when you play with four central midfielders? Plus, examples of teams that do just that!

24:27 - What is an overload? And what does it have to do with Nani?

28:36 - What’s a defensive rotation?

35:24 - What are pressing cues?

41:00 - What is tactical periodization? Or is it tactical prioritization…

47: 10 - What is the Manchester City zone (aka Kevin De Bruyne’s happy place)?

54:05 - What’s the difference between a wingback and an attacking fullback?

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