Weekend Review: Leicester smash City, VAR destroys dreams, and Karim Benzema is still very good


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Ryan and Taylor break down all the best action (that they watched) from this past weekend!

0:00 - Leicester City v Manchester City: when the 4-2-3-1 goes wrong, it goes really wrong. Also, Taylor apologizes to Leicester fans... again.

14:25 - Tottenham v Newcastle: Jose awards Man of the Match honors to "people who are not players"

27:40 - Brighton v Manchester United: Leandro Tossard finds space and Manchester United fans find more consternation.

45:31 - West Brom v Chelsea: Taylor forgets that there was VAR drama in this game, which of course there was, because it was a game that happened this weekend.

57:45 - Augsburg v Borussia Dortmund: when slow possession goes wrong.

1:05:53 - Hoffenheim v Bayern Munich: exposing premature "the season is prematurely over" takes

1:13:02 - Real Betis v Real Madrid: Karim Benzema is immortal. You heard it here first.

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