Would Messi make Miami a championship team, why are Sheffield United so bad this season, favorite serotonin-producing soccer moments, and more listener questions


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Ryan and Taylor answer 10 listener questions, and start off the show with some waffles vs pancakes chat. Obviously.

1) What are the soccer moments you return to for guaranteed serotonin?

2) Does Inter Miami + Messi = Supporters' Shield/MLS Cup victory? What might the obstacles to success be, and what would the move mean for his national team career?

3) Should MLS consider pushing for in game/split screen commercials like you see in Liga MX games?

4) When a team knows its opponent is poor at offensive set pieces, does that change their defensive approach in open play?

5) What has happened to Sheffield United this season?

6) Why do teams from Wales take part in the English Football League, but not teams from Northern Ireland?

7) With Jordan Morris likely moving to Swansea, what's the latest on their ownership, manager, tactics, and overall performance this season?

8) How long will Wilfred Ndidi stay at Leicester and, if he moves, what destination makes the most sense?

9) Do we like daily fantasy sites for soccer, and could they help soccer catch on even more in the US?

10) What's the best way to financially support women's soccer in America?


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