Haike Winter - Guiding and the Burdens of History


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In this episode, I sit down with the indefatigable Haike Winter. Originally from Germany, Haike shares her fascinating story of how she has made her life in Israel and we discussed numerous topics such as life on the kibbutz, working as a guide with Christian pilgrim groups, relations between guides and drivers, the tourist economy of Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict and our current uncertain future as guides in the face of the Covid crisis. Perhaps inevitably, our discussion also touched on what it is like to be a German living in Israel and guiding German tourists who are visiting Israel - especially with all the historical baggage that exists between Germans and Jews. We touched on sensitive topics such as visits to Israel's Holocaust museum Yad Vashem, Holocaust fatigue, and the disturbing phenomenon of Holocaust inversion.
For more information on Haike and to contact her directly, you can check out her Facebook page - Haike Winter Tour Guide.

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