Democrats' $1.9 Trillion Spending Nightmare


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Townhall Review for February 27, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the Democrats $1.9 trillion dollar so-called relief package.

Bob Frantz and Jerry Bowyer talk about the COVID-19 relief package.

Hugh Hewitt talks with columnist Selena Zito about Joe Biden working to enact what he calls “common sense gun laws.”

Larry Elder talks about Jodi Shaw, a recent graduate and staffer at Smith College in Pine Grove, MA about how being white caused her to resign.

Mike Gallagher talks about Naomi Wolf, liberal feminist author, who is speaking out against the alarmingly heavy-handed moves of the current administration.

Seth Leibsohn and David Harsanyi, of National Review, talk about the impact the pandemic restrictions have had on Americans.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the media fixation regarding his family trip to Cancun during the once-in-a-lifetime winter storm in Texas.

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