107 - A conversation with F-Stop Rebel


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If you read Scott Metzger’s post on the Toy Photographers blog, you’ll find this description under the “About the Author”: “I was a photographer. Then I wasn’t. Then I was again. Be present.” Beginnings, middles, and ends. We can apply that arc to just about anything—from a movie’s or book’s plot to where we find ourselves on this journey of life.

Scott Metzger is drawn to this arc, to trilogies, and to symphonic movements. He thinks in threes (or multiples of), as evidenced by his Instagram feed, where his past life curating art converges with his desire to offer not only a collection of photos but what he calls a “visual experience” for his followers/viewers. In this episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast, Scott and I dig into his journey to toy photography and what it means to follow one’s curiosity to see where it might lead.

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