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With excitement, Introducing the hosts of Tradeswomen Talk
Andrea Harris and Judaline Cassidy
Andrea Harris
Here is a quote about Andrea that will stand out when you hear her story
“She led the way and embraced change”.
Let’s take a quick walk through her career as a Mason. She initiated her career through Mason Local 780 where she worked on bridges, tunnels and high rises. She left high rise construction to enter the private sector Department of Homeless Services. She left DHS and became the city’s first female cement mason at FDNY.
She didn’t leave each position she made a change to become the leader of her career. On that note, let’s change the word left to lead. Every change she created another pathway to rise.
Through her whole career she led by example.
She created a bridge for a pathway to allow other women to:
Walk in your purpose
Face your fearsBelieve in the journey
Take the first step towards the new chapter in your life.
The bridge will always be the connection between your goals and accomplishments. She built the high rises to show other women it's possible to:
Rise up!
Stand up for what you believe in!
Don’t be afraid for change!
Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today!
Reach higher; you got this!
Judaline Cassidy.
was born to be a winner!
Girl + Women + Lady = Overwhelming grace.
She enjoyed the beauty of becoming.
This Girl
A girl with a dream allowed her to become a woman.
This Woman
This woman is determined to rise, which allowed her to appreciate the lady she has become.
This Lady
This lady shows up every day to remind herself that kindness is a choice that comes from her incredible strength.
She is a feminist, plumber, tradeswoman, activist, motivational speaker, and advocate.
She’s a native of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago! Judaline is a proud member of Plumbers Local Union No. 1 in New York City. In 2017, she started “Tools & Tiaras Inc. ” as a way to expose, inspire, mentor, and show the next generation of young girls and women how the trades are a lucrative meaningful “non-traditional” career path for women.
Her daily Affirmations for all women:

I am worthy
I am loved
I am smart
I am enough
Connect with Andrea & Judaline:

Make It Happen! Plumber
Judaline Cassidy
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