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My mother was a teacher. The she became a trainer. She absolutely loved it! And both my grandfathers were teachers. So maybe there is something in my genes which I have inherited that makes me a good trainer and facilitator.

One thing is for sure: teaching, training, facilitation are all closely interlinked. Teachers have learned to be great communicators. Teachers have a passion for helping people to develop. Teachers care about the impact that lessons and guidance have on others.

What about you? Were you a teacher or Lecturer in a past life? Are you a teacher now and thinking of setting up your own facilitation or training business. Great! Today’s guest, Lisa Spinelli has written a book on the subject and is going to help you succeed! Teachers to Trainers: Apply Your Passion and Skills to a New Career

In today’s episode:

Why you might be thinking of transitioning to training from teaching

What kinds of challenges you may face

Which transferable skills you can use right away

Where to find resources to help you make the switch

Which possible career paths exist for you right now

How you can get started planning right away

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