How do I produce world-class virtual training w/ Kassy LaBorie


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When you are running an effectively facilitated remote learning experience, there is all the check-listing beforehand, the technology, the design, the logistics. Sure, you can do that yourself. But is it the most effective use of your time?

You might have to look after screen-sharing, comments in the chatroom, polling, breakouts, reactions, late-comers, troubleshooting, email in the background. That’s a lot to handle. When it comes to delivering high-value remote training that can be too much to handle.

This week’s guest is Kassy LaBorie, a virtual classroom master trainer, a former senior trainer at WebEx, and a past Director of Virtual Training Services at Dale Carnegie. Kassy has written a book on it: Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars: Master the Technology to Engage Participants.

Today’s episode is going to shake up your ideas about your role in delivering remotely to your clients, and it’s going to give you some fresh ones as well!

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